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Family lawyers in Melbourne’s northern suburbs—for divorce, parenting, property, and financial agreements.




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Put the power of the law back in your hands.

Our family lawyers help you with advice, negotiation, drafting documents and court advocacy—we’re flexible, so you choose the mix of services you need.


Parenting & family

Separation and divorce

Shared childcare

Parental responsibility

Child custody & support

Negotiation & mediation

Paternity testing

Airport watch list & passport orders

Family & domestic violence


Family property

Division of property

Property settlement

Binding financial agreements

Prenuptial agreements

Postnuptial agreements

Separation agreements

Maintenance agreements


Advice & training

How to separate amicably

How to have a healthy divorce

Separating when there are children

Training on family law

Group & organisation training

Welcome to Bloom Family Law.


You didn’t plan to be here. The pressure is real. The stakes are high. You need a roadmap, and a powerful guide. We’re glad you found us.

We care, so we’re generous with time. Our advice is tailored, so we start with listening. Our knowledge is powerful, so we share it completely. We use technology to stay affordable. We balance the scales in your favour. We put choice back in the most powerful hands—yours. Family matters are challenging. Being heard is not enough. You need lawyers that listen.








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Provide your details online.

Built especially for family law, our secure online platform, Settify, is designed to make it easy to start to work with us. Not only does this help you feel more prepared to engage with a lawyer, but it will also give you an introduction to the sorts of issues we’ll be discussing with you directly. 

Save money.

Our fees are transparent and reasonable.

We are pre-briefed.

Through Settify, tell us about your situation and ideal outcome before we sit down together.

Save time.

You’ll save hours of your time as well as ours.

Time used wisely.

Give us the information as you get it, and make the most of your time before we speak.

Get clear.

You’ll get serious clarity by documenting your situation.

Clarity pays dividends.

Getting clear before you get started creates better outcomes at every stage of the process.

Stay secure.

When using Settify, your information is secure.

Control your information.

You decide when to share your information with us.

Prefer traditional contact?

Sometimes you just need a phone conversation to get started. You can call us on (03) 9023 5019.

Meet the lawyers that listen.

Jane Zohrab

With over 20 years as a lawyer, Jane’s resolved complex property and parenting matters with skilled negotiation. She’s experienced in litigation, family violence, and drafting financial agreements. More

Gavin Wiltshire

With over 30 years as a lawyer, Gavin’s skilled in family law and commercial matters. He negotiates and litigates in parenting, property and family violence law.


Our advice is tailored. So we start with listening.

Comfortable with technology?

Use our secure online platform to save time and money by briefing us  before you pay for our time.


Prefer traditional contact?

Sometimes you just need a phone conversation, a meeting in person, or a personal email to get started.